Research in cognitive psychology, neuroscience and learning is rapidly expanding our understanding of optimizing human potential. But can this research be turned into easy-to-access, practical tools that you can use today – to make tomorrow and the rest of your life more manageable, productive and rewarding?

Whether you’re a student struggling in school, gifted learner looking to optimize your learning, educator/guidance counselor searching for more creative learning support resources, or an adult searching for strategies to find greater success in your job – you’ve found a life-long ally...Braincogs.

You won’t find pop-psychology fads or infomercial-level “brain drills” being offered here. Instead, BrainCogs provides access to vetted research, strategies and easy-to-use practical tools that help people learn to learn. The BrainCogs e-learning platform provides a wide offering of Web-based tools & games designed to help children and adults improve their academic performance and learn more effectively for a lifetime.